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Sexism at work : inseparable from harassment at work ?


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“It’s difficult for an employer to know that an atmosphere of heavy jokes and inappropriate comments, or even familiar gestures, is prohibited by law. That he is at great risk for not having been concerned about it sooner. Difficult for a victim to denounce sexual harassment, the insistent kisses that disgust her, everyone’s laughter when she is embarrassed… »

The objectives of this face-to-face training are as follows:

· The training aims to make awareness of the existence of sexist behavior and gender-based violence in our society and specifically in the workplace more accessible.

· We also hope that training participants can grasp the concept of gender and sex stereotyping.

· The training aims to increase awareness of the causes and consequences of gender-based and sexual violence.

· We anticipate that learners will be able to assimilate the responsibilities of the different actors in the company in the face of sexism and sexual harassment, and integrate them into their practices.

· The training will provide participants with tools to implement concrete actions aimed at effectively combating gender-based and sexual violence in the workplace, both in terms of prevention and investigation of complaints.

This MOOC is here to help each other to create the business of tomorrow, where sexual and gender-based violence will only be a bad memory.

It is intended for employees of all companies, women and men, employees and managers.

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