Mouvement pour l'Égalité entre les Femmes et les Hommes


Odile killed herself on January 1, 2021, at the age of 50. She was found unresponsive early in the morning on a beach in Toulon. His death was pronounced at 12 p.m. This suicide takes place in a context of a deterioration in Odile’s state of health and living conditions, which led her to this fatal outcome.

It appears from numerous testimonies from her family, but also from her friendly and professional relationships, that this woman saw her state of health, particularly on a psychological level, deteriorate considerably from 2010 onwards.

From this date, Odile maintained a relationship with H., whom she married on April 30, 2011. A dynamic of isolation of Odile from all of her loved ones gradually took place. She quickly broke the ties that united her with her friends, her colleagues, but also her brothers and sisters to whom she was particularly close, notably her sister Fadila.

Far from constituting a simple deliberate lifestyle choice, this sudden change was accompanied by particularly visible changes in his personality and living conditions.

As such, many relatives describe a loss of joy of living, a “depressed, extinct and withdrawn” personality, subject to anxiety, such descriptions contrasting radically with the cheerful, cheerful and fulfilled character described by members of his family. and his intimate entourage.

These also describe marks of control and domination exercised over her by her spouse. Several relatives thus testify that the latter hindered the maintenance of his relations with his family and restricted his financial independence. Her sister Fadila thus evokes her visible weight loss, which Odile explained by the fact that her husband only gave her “two euros to eat for lunch”.

Madame Nasri’s suicide attempt therefore comes at the end of 10 years marked by suffering visible to all and isolation resulting from a situation of marked control.

Odile’s last days are worrying on this point. After several years of no relationship with her sisters, Odile wrote them, on December 17, 2020, an email entitled “meeting – too late or a chance”. This invites them to meet again, indicating “if you no longer want it, it’s life… if you find that it won’t bring you anything, it’s life…”

The meeting will take place on December 30, 2020 in Montpellier, with Odile making remarks marked, according to her sister Fadila, by the following elements :

  • – self-guilt of being the cause of her husband’s misfortune; 
    dark thoughts and anxieties; 
    – self-denigration; 
    – regret having left Montpellier to please her husband.

On 31 December Odile returned to the marital home and arrived at her destination at 12 noon. It appears from the information brought to the attention of Odile’s brothers and sisters, that a very lively tension was felt as soon as he returned to the apartment. 

The circumstances in which Odile threatened her life and the obvious link between her gesture and a lasting situation of suffering, just as the total absence showed empathy by her husband after her disappearance, brought his brothers and sisters to file a complaint on June 1, 2021 with the Prosecutor of Toulon for moral harassment leading to suicide.