Mouvement pour l'Égalité entre les Femmes et les Hommes


At the age of 18, Fabienne met Marc, her first intimate partner on the premises of her student job. She’s already not very well in her skin, but she’s in love. She does not hear when her relatives advise her to leave Marc, that he is not someone for her. She only understands that there is a problem with Marc’s behavior towards her. It is later, after about three years of relationship, that Fabienne realizes that she does not like when Marc insists on having sex with her, that she is afraid of her reaction, because every time she refuses, Marc insults her, denigrates her and yells at her, and he uses those pressures every time they see each other.

Fabienne makes two or three suicide attempts in this period of her life, she sees no other way out. She makes another last attempt, after Marc has actually raped her. He is present when she does this gesture, but decides to leave, leaving her as the drugs begin to take effect. Fortunately, Fabienne’s parents take her to the emergency room. She will be hospitalized, do therapy and file a complaint. Today, she links these suicide attempts to this abusive relationship with Marc. The complaint was not followed up, and Fabienne, four years later remains traumatized by these events.